Campus Binder Smart Ring B5

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Say goodbye to hard metal rings digging into your wrist! Kokuyo Soft Ring Notebooks have rings made of soft plastic that squish down when you rest your hand on them, so using both sides of the page or a notebook with the pages folded back is much more comfortable. The soft rings also won't scratch the inside of your bag or other belongings. These notebooks are great for school and work, with durable covers made of flexible kraft paper, 80 perforated sheets for taking and sharing plenty of notes, and rings that are color-matched to the covers so that you can easily pick the right notebook from a shelf.


Kokuyo's Campus "Sarasara" paper is a bit smoother compared to their "Shikkari" paper, making it ideal for people who enjoy writing with minimal pressure. Like the Shikkari paper, it is pH neutral, archival, and resistant to feathering and bleedthrough.

This paper has 26 holes spaced approximately 9.7 mm apart from center to center, making it perfect for use in the B5 binders listed under Compatible Products. Two of the holes are enlarged for use with European-style 2-ring binders. Each page has 26 lines of 6 mm rule with dots evenly spaced across each line to to aid in drawing perfectly vertical lines.

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