Cocoiro Extra Fine Animal Design *Limited Edition*

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Just in from Japan- new Cocoiros featuring bright colors and animal designs that add a little more fun to your pen collection!

These Cocoiro lettering pens come pre-filled with an extra fine tip black ink cartridge. The small, semi-flexible tip creates varying widths depending on the pressure and speed of writing. Suitable for both hand lettering and everyday writing at home, work, or school.

ZIG Cocoiro lettering pens are a new and unique way of customizing the way you write! Derived from the Japanese words kokoro (心), which means “heart”, “mentality”, and “feelings”, and iro (色) which means “color”, Cocoiro was specially created for you to choose every part of your letter pen to match your heart, mind, and feelings.

Ink Type: Water based dye ink.
Tip Style:  Extra fine flexible tip.
Ideal Uses: These adorable pens can be used for brush lettering and writing. This Animal Design body comes with an extrafine pen included. 

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