No-Noc Auto Lead Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm

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  • The strong metal barrel is narrow in the middle, widening out to each end, in a way that feels comfortable to hold, as well as looking good. A simple metal clip and push-button finish one end, while the tip part is finished in matt black.
  • Auto-feed pencils like this are perfect for when you're trying to get your ideas down without interruption, or for taking notes when someone's talking - no stopping every couple of sentences to click more lead out, just keep going!
  • There's an eraser under the button, and as with most mechanical pencils, you just pull the eraser out to add more leads.
  • Size : 144mm x 12mm (max. 16mm)
  • Material : Body: Aluminum, Taper/Knock: Brass, Clip: SK
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