Pilot FriXion, Eraseable Tricolor Pen

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Like magic, its thermosensitive ink turns invisible when rubbed with the special friction "eraser" built into the top of the pen.

Black, blue, and red ink all in one sleek pen body: this Pilot FriXion Erasable Tricolor Pen is the ultimate multitasker for your office.


【Erasable】Magic gel ink means mistakes are gone in seconds

【Multi-Colored Ink】Play around with blue, red, and black ink all in one pen

【Fine Tip】For extra precise writing (.38 mm for blue + red ink and .5 mm for the black ink)


Brand: Pilot (Japan)

Tip size: 0.38mm for pink, blue, and gray; 0.5mm for black

Ink colors: Red, blue and black (one of each, refillable)

Pen Type: Retractable - slide buttons

Pen Length: 5.7in // 14.5cm

Pen Grip Diameter: 0.48in (12.3mm)

Pen Max Diameter: 0.53in (13.5mm)

Product Weight: 0.55oz (16g)
Made in China

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