Jobs at Yours Truly, Brooklyn

Yours Truly, Brooklyn is hiring! See below for more about currently available positions.  To apply, email [email protected] and include a resume and cover letter.


Position Title: YTB Store Manager / Buyer


The YTB Store Manager / Buyer is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day flow and functions of stationery and gift shop Yours Truly, Brooklyn, a department of Greenlight Bookstore LLC.  Buying and inventory responsibilities of this role include sourcing, purchasing, and reordering stationery and gift products, maintaining vendor relationships, directing inventory receiving and merchandising, and updating and maintaining product information on the store’s ecommerce website.  Management responsibilities of this role include directing a small team of sales associates on merchandising, ecommerce fulfillment and other responsibilities, as well as communicating company information and participating in Greenlight’s managerial team to coordinate across departments. The YTB Store Manager / Buyer works to maintain both a strong store inventory in terms of customer appeal and turn ratio, and a positive, transparent, and equitable store environment for staff and community.

Summary of responsibilities: 

  •      Source and purchase products and maintain new and existing vendor relationships
  •      Manage store inventory with a focus on turn ratio
  •      Direct and lead inventory receiving and in-store merchandising and storage
  •      Update product information on ecommerce website and coordinate ecommerce orders
  •      Maintain physical store location and supplies, including periodic supply cost analysis 
  •      Direct sales associates in merchandising and additional sales floor tasks
  •      Communicate store specific updates, information and instructions to sales associates
  •      Participate in weekly manager meetings and collaborate across departments as needed
  •      Work with marketing department on website design, maintenance and updates and social media
  •      Liaise with management team to coordinate hiring, training, scheduling, reviews, and communication with sales associates
  •      Address employee issues in a timely and effective manner, partnering with HR and other management as needed and documenting issues consistently and clearly


  •      At least one year of buying experience in a similar role
  •      At least one year of people management experience
  •      Experience with inventory management


  •      Excellent time management, organizational and multi-tasking skills
  •      Ability to work in high volume situations and problem solve quickly
  •      Strong communication skills
  •      Ability to work well autonomously, as a supervisor, and as part of a team
  •      Ability to lift 30 pounds or more
  •      Availability to work flexible hours

Direct Supervisor: General Manager

Schedule: Average 40 hours per week

Compensation: This is a salaried, non-union position.  Greenlight’s manager positions start at $42,000 annually; compensation commensurate with experience.

Benefits: Ten days paid vacation, employee discount, partially subsidized health insurance, and other intangibles including professional development and cultural institution memberships. 

Review: All employees are given an annual performance review to assess their work in their position.  Ongoing check-ins happen at the discretion of the direct supervisor.