Shopping Guidelines

*Updated May 19, 2021*

* Face masks are required for all customers picking up or shopping in the store. If you do not have a mask, we will provide one.

* The number of customers in the store will be limited; staff will let you know when we have room for you to enter. If we are at capacity, we ask customers to line up outside the store (this applies to both shopping and order pickup customers).

* We ask that customers limit their in-store shopping time to 15 minutes or less.

* Customers are also asked to maintain social distancing of six feet inside the store, particularly when standing in line.


Last week, the CDC announced new guidelines that stated fully vaccinated individuals could safely resume "normal" activities, both outside and indoors, without wearing a mask. New York State adopted these rules going into effect this week.

While we are all so happy to be moving in the right direction, we will still be requiring all customers to wear masks while visiting Yours Truly, Brooklyn, and customer capacity limits and shopping time limits will also remain in effect.

Why, you may ask?

* Our staff can't reasonably verify who is vaccinated and who is not. The New York State Department of Health still "strongly recommends masks in indoor settings where vaccination status of individuals is unknown."

* Children under age 12 don't yet have the opportunity to get vaccinated, and vaccine access is not yet universal. We want to provide the safest environment possible for families and immunocompromised folks.

* Social distancing rules are still in effect, and limiting the number of bodies in the store makes social distancing reasonably possible.

* Time limits not only reduce the possibility of transmission for vulnerable folks, but allow us to minimize wait times on busy days.

We will continue to reevaluate our policies as case numbers drop and vaccination rates rise, and we'll update you as changes occur. (For example, starting this weekend hand sanitizer is optional, not required, in our store!)

We appreciate your understanding and continued support, and especially your kindness to our talented and hardworking staff as they continue to convey these guidelines.

If you get a chance, say thanks to the Yours Truly staff who are working to create a safe and welcoming space, while providing great customer service and recommendations for the stationery and gifts you're going to love. While you're at it, say thanks to other retail workers and restaurant workers doing that same hard work.

We're glad to be in community with you!