Soft Ring Notebook

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KOKUYO's Soft Ring notebook series features a pliable ring binding that's easy on the wrists during intense writing sessions, especially for our left-handers out there. The Biz collection in particular features smart, subdued cover designs suitable for use in professional environments.

One great feature is the simple, customizable index on the inside front cover. Easily section off and coordinate the contents of your notebook thanks to corresponding margin space on every page. Once you map your front index, you can mark the edge of your page with a highlighter and leave your unorganized notebook days in the past.

This 5mm grid notebook features no top or bottom margin, with translucent black ring binding. Its wipe-clean black plastic cover provides support without being overly stiff, making it comfortable to use in any work environment. Enjoy using this notebook as an idea book, a draft book, or a dream book.

Available in A5 or B5 sizes. Sold individually.

B5 Size

  • 40 sheets
  • Measures 9.9" x 7" (252 x 179mm)

A5 Size

  • 50 sheets
  • Measures 8.2" x 5.8" (210 x 148mm)
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