Wax Seal Kit

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Seal your letters, your dissertation, your science wedding invites or your exquisitely crafted lab report with this classic symbol of science - the atom. Not just any atom - Lithium; element number 3. Sure, it's an older model of the atom, but probability clouds don't make very good seals. Individually boxed. Seal Diameter: 1 inch.

Each kit contains 1 wax seal & 2 custom hexagonal sticks of sealing wax. Each stick of wax makes 8-12 seals.


Whether you're embarking on a great adventure, a future astronomer, space scientist, or a starry-eyed dreamer, this Space Shuttle Wax Seal is a great way to make your mark. 

Each seal comes in its own kraft box with a stick of metallic silver mailable sealing wax with a wick for quick and easy use. Light the wick and allow a pool of wax to collect on your envelope, then press the seal into the center of the pool (if it's hot out, it works best to chill the seal a bit) and your letter is secure!

Each stick of wax makes 8-12 seals. 


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